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Wings and Wheels 2015 DVD

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PlanesTV are now taking orders for our new dvd, which includes Wings and Wheels 2015, the V-Force Tour visit to Wellesbourne by XH558, and exclusive footage of XM655. The dvd, which costs £16.99, can be ordered from PlanesTV

Wings & Wheels 2015 - Initial Report by Charles Brimson

It was a joy to see XH558 displaying so well over the airfield for one of the last times ever, and the two other displays flown by the Rolls-Royce Spitfire and Ben Lovering's Christen Eagle 2 were masterfully executed.

XH558 delights the crowd

Ben Lovering puts the Christen Eagle ll through its paces

The Rolls Royce Spitfire PR XlX Display

The static aircraft display has never been better (or fuller) with some 25 aircraft including one amphibian!

Of course the star of the day was XM655 which performed faultlessly on both fast taxys giving our visitors (and her passengers) a terrific treat thanks to Mike Pollitt's superlative (and gutsy) piloting skills.

XM655 Fast Taxi 2015
XM655 Fast Taxi 2015
Copyright© Philip Catleugh

We had in excess of 6,000 visitors pass through the gates during the show. This is nearly double the previous record set in 2014! Clearly the '558 effect helped, but so too did the impact of the on-going threat to the airfield's future.

I know that the Chairman and Treasurer of the Wellesbourne Matters Association signed up many hundreds of new members during the show.

We also benefited from considerable media publicity at the show thanks to PlanesTV and local press coverage, as well as the usual social media people.

A fuller report with photos will be posted in due course.

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