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Over the nearly thirty years since XM655 arrived at Wellesbourne Mountford, there have been many individuals, companies and organisations to whom MaPS owes its gratitude in so many different ways.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Roy Jacobsen, who originally purchased XM655 from the RAF (and later purchased XL426 which was delivered to Southend Airport).

  • Our aircrew: David Thomas, Mike Pollitt, Barry Masefield, John Laycock, Martin Withers, Phil Davies and Andy 'Sponge' Marson.

  • Radarmoor Ltd, especially John Littler.

  • The Wellesbourne Airfield team, especially Michael Littler and Frankie Stuart.

  • Our nearest neighbours, South Warwickshire Flying School, especially its Principal, Rodney Galiffe.

  • The two other Vulcan groups with 'live' aircraft: XH558 Vulcan to the Sky Trust at Hinckley and the former RAF Finningley, and XL426 the Vulcan Restoration Trust at Southend Airport.

  • Our generous sponsor at the last four Wings & Wheels events, Aerobytes Ltd, especially its Managing Director Eddie Forrester.

  • Portsmouth Aviation Ltd for generously supplying us with our 1,000lb bomb and other bits of armament, including fuzes, arming vanes and practise bombs!

  • The RAF Museum, London and RAF Museum Reserve Collection, Stafford, for the long term loan of the Vulcan Seven-Store Carrier, as fitted in XM655's bomb bay.

  • Newark Air Museum and Lincolnshire Lancaster Association for the long term loan of the fittings with which the Seven-Store Carrier is fitted to the aircraft.

  • Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, Fort Dunlop, Birmingham for technical advice and the supply of new and genuine Vulcan mainwheel tyres.

  • The Air Cadet Organisation especially 150 (City of Oxford) Sqn, 1046 (Fordhouses) Sqn, 240 (Darlaston) Sqn, and all the other Squadrons that have helped at each annual Wings & Wheels event

  • Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service, Wellesbourne, for providing fire cover each year for the fast taxy run.

  • Peter Teichman, owner of the Hangar 11 Collection of warbirds at North Weald for supporting us with frequent flypasts at Wings & Wheels and other occasions.

  • The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, for support at Wings & Wheels.

  • Boulton Paul of Wolverhampton, OEM of the Vulcan’s ten powered flying control units, for support over the years.

  • Holman Paint Specialists of Swindon for the supply of all paints used on the aircraft and ground equipment.

  • Indestructible Paints of Birmingham for the supply of OEM lacquers used on the low pressure compressor blades of the Olympus engines.

  • Avro Heritage Group, Woodford Aerodrome, Cheshire for technical and other support.

  • BAE Systems, Woodford Aerodrome, Cheshire for providing Vulcan parts and tools.

  • Newbow Instrument Services Ltd, of Redditch for supply and calibration of servicing equipment.

  • CasC Systems Ltd, of Rackheath, Norwich, for supply and calibration of battery charging and testing equipment.

  • Satair of Heathrow for providing technical help and OEM SAFT K2 aircraft batteries.

  • Morgan Fire Protection Ltd, of Nazeing, Essex, for provision of fire extinguishers and servicing of fire fighting equipment.

  • Intouch Communications Ltd of Morecambe, Lancs, for the supply of radio communications each year at Wings & wheels.

  • Oval Insurance Broking Ltd, of Birmingham for advice and provision of specialist insurance cover.

  • Chris Wilson, proprietor of Jet Art Aviation Ltd, for generous help with the supply of spares.

  • All the loyal members of 655MaPS for their much appreciated financial support of XM655

....Finally the many dedicated Volunteers, past and present, who over the last thirty years have done so much to keep XM655 as a complete and very fitting example of Great Britain's nuclear deterrent during the years of the Cold War....

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